Project Description
SharePointPowerToys team (currently David Walker - Microsoft MVP, Visual Developer ASP/ASP.NET and Stacy Draper - Microsoft SharePoint MVP) provides the PowerQueryWebPart as a very flexible and powerful webpart. It can utilize any assembly (that implements the IPowerQueryDataProv

We are making some final adjustments to make the deployment as simple, flexible and powerful as possible.

Instructions - Getting Started Fast!

Sample Usage
  1. News (CAML filter against a List)
  2. Upcoming Events (CAML filtering out past Events)
  3. Local Weather - Powered by Yahoo! Weather
  4. Local Weather - Powered by
  5. Stock Ticker - Powered by
  6. MSFT - Powered by
  7. Random Quote - Powered by Swan and Mokashi (Calling a WebService)
  8. Quotes of the Day - Powered by The Quotations Page
  9. Motivational Quotes of the Day - Powered by The Quotations Page
  10. Word of the Day - Powered by Merriam-Webster
  11. Daily Bible Verse (Custom RSS Item)
  12. SharePoint Genie! (Random XML item) (Magic-8 ball with a new name and a few new answers for now)
  13. Magic 8 Ball (Random XML item)
  14. Fortune Cookie - Powered by Twitter (Random RSS item title)
  15. US Dollar Currency Exchange Rate - Powered by
  16. Microsoft Security Advisories
  17. Amazon - Movie New Releases

Common Resource Files

GenericRssItems.xsl - If you simply want title as links
GenericRssDescriptions.xsl - If you simply want the description of each Rss item displayed.
GenericListItems.xsl - If you simply want the Title and link of a SharePoint list displayed.
RandomItemsItem.xsl - If you want a random item, this makes it easy. (Testimonials or any other of a hundred uses.)
math.random.xsl - Required for the above XSL, this is a modular JavaScript XSL, in case you need it in your own XSL.
xmlTextArea.xsl - Great for debugging, this XSL will display the DataProvider results as Xml in a TextArea.
WSS_LIST_RSS_FIELDS.xsl - Transforms WSS RSS Feed into clean XML.

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