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Ready to get started now?

Simply copy the PowerQueryWebPart.wsp and DeploySolution.cmd to your SharePoint server.

From a console or Run command type:
DeploySolution.cmd -activate

Start adding and configuring your PowerQueryWebPart instances.

Normally, you'll need to jump to Setting up your Document Library below so you have a place to store your resources.

Prefer to set up a Sandbox to test first?

Here's what we do:

Install SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

Create a Sandbox TeamSite (or any other site)

powertoys.extranet (Windows Authentication)
powertoys.public (Anonymous)

Setting up your Document Library

Create a Document Library: (Your choice on versioning. We typically recommend it.)

Style Library (We put ours in the root site. *MOSS Publishing Sites already have this.)

Create Folders:
XSL Style Sheets (*MOSS Publishing Sites already have this.)
XML (*Only necessary if you want to upload XML files as data sources.)

Want to play with the Source?

F5 - Automatically builds and deploys to powertoys.extranet, you can change this in the DeploySolution.cmd.

You can easily create your own DataProviders.

Simply use the IPowerQueryDataProviderInterface and provide your data using the GetXmlReader method.

Then choose the way you want to display it using XSL.

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