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	<item>As I see it, yes</item>
	<item>Ask again later</item>
	<item>Better not tell you now</item>
	<item>Cannot predict now</item>
	<item>Concentrate and ask again</item>
	<item>Don't count on it</item>
	<item>It is certain</item>
	<item>It is decidedly so</item>
	<item>Most likely</item>
	<item>My reply is no</item>
	<item>My sources say no</item>
	<item>Outlook good</item>
	<item>Outlook not so good</item>
	<item>Reply hazy, try again</item>
	<item>Signs point to yes</item>
	<item>Very doubtful</item>
	<item>Without a doubt</item>
	<item>Yes - definitely</item>
	<item>You may rely on it</item>
	<item>No freaking way</item>
	<item>Good luck with that</item>
	<item>Dream on</item>
	<item>Dream on... until your dream come true</item>
	<item>Not on your life</item>
	<item>Fuh-get about it.</item>
	<item>Forget it</item>
	<item>When hell freezes over</item>


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